Delightful Desserts

Quality Desserts at affordable prices!

Basic Cake's

Novelty Cakes    

 Starting at $25 and goes up from there, depending on detail, design and use of fondant if wanted


Sheet Cakes

          9x13x2inDeep   $30                                                                                                                                  

          *Serves about 15-20 people


Quarter Sheet Cake     

          11x15x2in Deep     $35

          *Serves about 20-25 people


Half Sheet Cake         

          12x18x2in Deep    $40                                                                                                                                  

          *Serves about 25-30 people


Full Sheet Cake                                                                                                                                     

          24x36x2in Deep     $65                                                                                                                                

          *Serves about 50-60 people


* Add Special Toppers, Prices may vary

*  Servings are based on about a 2x2 slice. 

Of course servings may vary depending on the size you cut your servings


Individual cakes

Round or Square     $5 Each   (basic round or square cake with whipped or buttercream icing and basic designs)

Novelty     Starting at $10 Each  (cakes with fondant and shapes etc.)