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Wedding & Groom's Cakes

Wedding & Special Cake Prices

Cakes include accessories such as stand, pillars & stairs. 

Other accessories available with an added charge. 

 Brides cakes is not included in the price,

( top tier does not get eaten at the wedding. )

It is available for an added charge of $12.00.  


$2.75 per serving for 1-2 flavors

$3.00 per serving for 3-4 flavors

$3.25 per serving for 5-6 flavors


Non-Traditional designs including fondant start at $4.00 per serving depending on design & decorations. 





Groom's Cakes

9x13x4in Deep     $35

11x15x4in Deep     $40

12x18x4in Deep     $45

Special Grooms Cakes including fondant, etc (Prices May Vary)